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Select a suitable date and time for your shoes to be collected using our convenient booking form is the first step towards giving your trainers the care they deserve.

We’ll collect your trainers

Rest assured, a professional DPD driver will collect your trainers from your location and transport them to our specialised cleaning facility.

We’ll work our magic

Once your trainers are safely in our hands, our trainer cleaning service team will unleash their expertise and meticulously clean them by hand. Our goal is to restore your beloved footwear to a like-new condition.

Your trainers are re-boxed & returned

At My New Kicks, we run a smooth operation, ensuring that your trainers are promptly re-boxed and returned to you within an average of 7 days. You’ll be amazed at the transformation!



(We clean other shoes and boots too!)

While our focus lies on trainer cleaning services, we also offer excellent products for various types of shoes and boots. Trust us to breathe new life into your footwear. Our team at My New Kicks possesses a deep passion for our craft, and we take great pride in delivering exceptional cleaning training and repair services. It is this commitment to excellence that has garnered us a loyal clientele and established us as a leading name in trainer restoration services. Let us work our magic on your favorite pair today and witness the transformative results!

Let us restore your luxury trainers and transform them into something special!

At My New Kicks, we believe in the power of a thorough clean. Our comprehensive trainer cleaning package is designed to rejuvenate your trainers, making them look and feel as good as new. From revitalizing nubuck and suede to refreshing the upper, midsole, and sole, as well as caring for designer trainer brands,  football boots and UGGs, our range of trainer cleaning services has got you covered. Our meticulous process also includes refreshing laces and interiors, topped off with a thorough deodorization. With a standard turnaround time of 7-10 days, you can trust us to provide efficient service without compromising quality.


New Kicks Clean

Introducing our comprehensive cleaning package: rejuvenating nubuck and suede, revitalising the upper, mid, and sole, refreshing laces and interiors, caring for football boots and UGGs, topped off with a thorough deodorisation. All of this, with a standard turnaround time of 7-10 days.


Select these options when you make your booking

Ice White bottoms


48 hour turnaround


2 working days depending on the time of order


Every pair of shoes cleaned by My New Kicks is returned to you with our seal of approval. Your freshly restored trainers will be securely re-boxed in our signature My New Kicks box, giving your trainer that box fresh feel.

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We hope this glimpse into our exceptional trainer cleaning service has convinced you to entrust your trainers and other footwear to us. Book your cleaning session today and witness the unmatched quality and care we provide at My New Kicks.

*At My New Kicks, we strive to offer a premium trainer cleaning experience for your trainers and other footwear. To ensure the best results, we kindly ask that you provide accurate details of your shoes and their condition during the booking process.*