The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Suede Trainers

Are you a fan of the classic style and comfort that come with suede trainers? If so, then you’ll no doubt want to keep them looking pristine for as long as possible – but how can this be achieved? After all, taking proper care of your trainers is essential to ensuring they remain a lasting addition to your wardrobe. To help you out, we’ve put together some top tips on dos and don’ts when it comes to cleaning suede trainers. Read on to find out more! 

Do use a suede brush and go with the grain to clean the trainers 

Cleaning your trainers made of suede material can be a difficult task if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is imperative that you use a suede brush and go with the grain to avoid damaging the material while cleaning. The process might seem like a tedious task, but it’s essential to maintain the quality of your trainers. Using a suede brush helps you get rid of the dirt buildup on the surface of the trainers and avoid damage. By following this simple yet effective method, you can ensure the longevity of your suede trainers and keep them looking as good as new. So, next time you decide to clean your trainers, don’t forget to use a suede brush and go with the grain for best results. 

Don’t use too much water when cleaning, as it can damage the material 

Avoid drenching your suede trainers with water as it can lead to severe damage. Suede doesn’t react well to water, and using too much of it could potentially ruin your shoes by causing them to lose their shape, colour or even texture. Instead, lightly dampen a cloth or a sponge and gently clean the surface of the trainers. If you encounter a stubborn stain, try using a small amount of white vinegar mixed with water. Remember, the goal is to clean the trainers, not soak them. So when it comes to cleaning suede trainers, always remember that less is more when it comes to using water. 

Do spot clean any stains on the trainers with specially designed suede cleaner  

When it comes to keeping your beloved trainers looking their best, it’s important to take extra care with suede materials. Any stains or marks can be unsightly and difficult to remove without causing damage. That’s why it’s recommended to use specially designed suede cleaner for spot cleaning. This gentle formula is specifically formulated to lift dirt and stains without harming the suede. By taking this small but important step, you can ensure that your trainers stay in top condition and continue to look sharp no matter where your adventures take you. 

Don’t scrub vigorously, as this could cause wear and tear to the material 

While cleaning your suede trainers, it is crucial to avoid scrubbing vigorously. Suede is a delicate material, subject to easy wear and tear. Harsh, vigorous scrubbing can cause the suede to thin out, damaging its unique texture and appearance, and ultimately reducing the lifespan of your shoes. Instead, gently agitate the suede with your chosen cleaning implement, be it a brush or cloth, to lift dirt and stains without damaging the material. Remember, the key to cleaning suede is patience and careful handling, ensuring your trainers can continue to complement your style for many years. 

Do apply a waterproof spray after cleaning to protect against future staining 

After cleaning your suede trainers, it’s a wise move to apply a high-quality waterproof spray. This forms a protective barrier on the surface of the trainers, helping to repel water and prevent future staining. It’s a good idea to apply the spray in a well-ventilated area, and to allow the trainers to dry thoroughly after the application. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the can for the best results. This extra step might seem like a hassle, but it can extend the life of your footwear and keep them looking fresh and clean. Remember, maintaining your suede trainers is an investment in the style and comfort they provide, so it’s worth putting in the time and effort. 

Don’t store your shoes near heat or direct sunlight as this could dry out and discolor them 

Your shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe, protecting your feet and completing your style. But did you know that where you store your shoes can impact their longevity and appearance? Keeping your shoes near heat or direct sunlight can dry out the material and cause discoloration, leading to an unwearable and unsightly pair of footwear. To preserve your investment and keep your shoes looking their best, it’s important to store them in a cool, dry place away from any sources of heat or sunlight. Taking these simple steps can ensure your shoes look great for years to come. 


Cleaning your suede trainers isn’t as tricky as you think. From using a soft brush and going with the grain of the material, to spot cleaning any stains with suede cleaner and applying a waterproof spray, these tips will help you to keep your sneakers looking pristine for years to come. Additionally, if you want them to remain in optimum condition make sure that you avoid vigorous scrubbing and store them away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Now you have all the knowledge you need to look after your shoes – so go ahead, give them some TLC and enjoy a fresh pair of trainers for all of your active adventures! To get the best result, why not invest in a good quality brush or cleaner designed specifically for suede? Just think, after taking even simple steps like these your trainers can remain as good as new! 


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